This is a very suitable solution for the healthcare industry, since there are many different areas where electrical quality affects user comfort. What’s more, speaking in general terms, these facilities have high potential for savings.

In situations with standard supply, real savings obtained are approximately 12%. Notwithstanding, before installation, both a technical and an economic feasibility analysis is always conducted.

Gesinne already has great experience, having installed equipment at a total of over 25 MW.


Electrical and electronic equipment’s life cycle is much increased.

A decrease in wear on components and in maintenance operations is frequently observed

Energy savings up to 17%

Reactive can be reduced by 20 to 30%


Gesinne conducts a feasibility analysis where, based on the record for one calendar year of invoicing, variable energy consumption costs and the cost for the power term for each month, as well as the maximeter reading are analysed.

Based on these data, we assess the feasibility of installation by estimating average savings, and the equipment that a priori best fits the facility is sized


For exact data on savings, it is essential to install a network analyser as a system to collect data to have quantitative data under real working conditions available

Based on these data, a study is issued, specifying average savings and defining the equipment to install