This is a very suitable solution for the entertainment-recreational industry, since there are many different areas where electrical quality affects user comfort, the integrity of the recreational machines themselves, or horizontal technologies, such as HVAC (these loads are sensitive to fluctuations in power supply). What’s more, speaking in general terms, these facilities have high potential for savings (depending on the age of the facility, supply conditions, etc.).

In situations with standard supply, real savings obtained are between 7 and 10%. Notwithstanding, before installation, both a technical and an economic feasibility analysis is always conducted.

Gesinne already has great experience, having installed equipment at a total of over 25 MW, and specifically in the hotel industry, with over 7 pieces of equipment (for more than 800kVA) at bingos, casinos and gambling rooms for two of the main groups in the country. Moreover, plans are underway for implementation in Latin American countries, where supply conditions especially affect this kind of business.


We optimise network parameters and solve specific problems related to electrical supply (surges, undervoltage, imbalances, harmonic*, etc.). This means we increase performance and life cycle for the equipment receiving the power, and in general, we reduce maintenance operations.

We avoid unnecessary electrical losses, guaranteeing an optimum level of voltage, both from an energy and an operational perspective.

We generate energy savings up to 17% (greatest case observed) maintaining a constant voltage level, adapted to equipment needs.

Reactive can be reduced by 20 to 30%.

Carbon footprint is reduced, improving commitment with environmental sustainability and CSR for hotels.

Potential energy savings largely depend on the electric quality of the network, and also the type and age of the facility loads for the establishment in question.



Average-sized casino with machine room, bingo and bar-restaurant. 2 floors.


Urban setting with high, variable voltages due to the distribution network itself, especially during night-time hours. There is a break-down hazard due to surges, undervoltage, etc.


Supply quality must be improved.

Equipo instalado

GSC 550 with 1250 A bypass.



Average-sized casino with machine room, bingo and bar-restaurant. 2 floors.


Urban setting with high but stable voltage.


Supply quality need not be improved.

Equipment installed

GSC 550 with 1250 A bypass.