ℹ️ How much does it cost to install Gesinne GS equipment?

The price of Gesinne GS industrial equipment starts at 3,760€, but the price range depends on the type of installation necessary and the power, which can go from 55 kVA to 1,250 kVA, or even more, if necessary. In any event, the final cost is also subject to the conditions at the client’s facilities, the network, location, etc.

For the hotel and catering industry, price ranges begin at 2,000€, and domestic equipment goes for between 200 and 300€, depending on installation conditions

ℹ️ How long does it take to install the equipment?

For small equipment (up to 200 kVA), it normally takes one day. For medium or large-sized, it can take up to three days, considering that we have to schedule a total power cut-off to make the connection.

ℹ️ Does installation interrupt the company’s normal work?

Only during the general power cut, done to insert the equipment into the already-existing installation. The rest of pre-installation does not interfere with the client’s activity.

Is much construction work necessary?

Very rarely do civil works need be constructed. In general, all that is necessary is hanging the electrical wire and modifying the general control and protection panel.

ℹ️ Can Gesinne equipment adapt to any company size? Is there a minimum and maximum consumption?

The minimum is 55kVA, although we can adapt to lower power levels. There is no maximum limit. In fact, we can even design equipment for special single-phase of two-phase applications.

ℹ️ Which companies does Gesinne target?

Any company that has intensive or average electricity consumption, or any company that wishes to improve its energy quality and efficiency.