Energy savings

Increases installation efficiency and reduces energy consumption at a low cost, obtaining a rapid return on investment.

Raising or lowering voltage

The three-phase transformer statically reduces (or increases) voltage.

Smart and safe

Simplified bypass without a zero switch, that automatically disconnects regulation when the network voltage falls beneath the desired range, preventing undervoltages.

Harmonic and unbalance reduction in current

Thanks to the transformer’s specific winding between phases.

Three-phase transformer with winding

With a three-phase zigzag-wound transformer to statically regulate voltage for the three phases, buffer unbalances in the current and reduce harmonic distortion. The system automatically cancels with undervoltages. It includes an automatic bypass without a zero switch.

Smart voltage stabilisation system. Dynamically reduces voltage to a given reference point, regardless of input voltage. Independent handling of phases with single-phase switchgear. Includes automatic bypass without zero switch.