Energy savings

Increases the installation’s efficiency and reduces energy consumption

Improves supply quality

Increases the life cycle of equipment and reduces maintenance operations


Smart, dynamic voltage regulation, always obtaining the desired voltage, regardless of perturbations in the network, thereby eliminating variability.


Voltage dips, surges and undervoltage, voltage unbalance (thanks to an independent control for each phase).

Improves the power factor

Decreases reactive energy consumption

Optional specific solutions

For specific problems, tailored development:

• Automatic search for optimum voltage level to reduce energy consumption.

• Ability to raise and lower voltages.

• Automatic bypass without zero switch.

• Telemetry and remote management. Integration with energy management platforms.

Smart voltage stabilisation system. Dynamically reduces voltage to a given reference point, regardless of input voltage. Independent handling of phases with single-phase switchgear. Includes automatic bypass without zero switch.