Gesinne GS pro is a smart system that brings quality to the electrical supply of installations, optimising energy consumed and eliminating incidents, intermittences and supply outages that affect production and service.

It is designed for sectors such as service buildings, industry and commerce that suffer great economic losses due to alterations such as micro outages, voltage dips, surges, undervoltages, transitory outages, etc.

Eliminates micro outages, voltage dips, incidents and transitory outages, blackouts, production stoppages.

Savings on electric consumption. Verifiable results.

Reduced C02 emissions.

Can be amortised in 2 to 3 years.

Dynamic voltage regulation in real time: surges and undervoltages, harmonic, unbalance between phases, reactive reduction.

Telemetry and remote management.

High safety measures.

Smart regulation, automatic bypass without zero switch.

Main beneficiary sectors: service buildings and facilities, industry, commerce.