What sets us apart?

At a glance, discover what we do that others don’t.

The FLEXIBILITY and NOVELTY of our product. We don’t just offer savings on consumption; we provide a SMART electric energy control system that is supplied to each company, adapted to its particularities and needs in a DYNAMIC, ONGOING way. Savings leads to quality, and quality leads to savings.

The equipment is able to learn the installation’s load curve, identify the composition of the loads, and then based on these variables, adjust voltage to an optimum level.

*Compatible with phase imbalances, most equipment on the market can only bear imbalances between there phases at 20% or less. Since GESINNE GS handles phases totally independently, it can bear 100% imbalances between its phases, providing great security when there are great single-phase loads.

**The equipment reduces voltage to a fixed number, which is independent from the input voltage, fluctuations in input voltage DO NOT cause fluctuations in the output voltage.

***The equipment can change the output set point dynamically, adjusting to needs.

****The equipment constantly reduces the voltage related to the network input voltage; V(output)=V(input)xLoad; fluctuations in the input voltage cause fluctuations in the output voltage.