What we do

Engineering studies

The savings provided by our systems largely depend on existing network conditions for the installation and on the load type. This is why our technical department conducts prior engineering studies to adjust each project to the client’s needs. Moreover, this means we can identify especially conflictive situations for which we can provide express solutions.

Energy consulting

Given our experience in the electrical sector, we also conduct studies, analyses and propose comprehensive solutions to improve energy management and efficiency, guaranteeing that installations comply with regulations in force.


In addition to customised projects and energy audits, we manufacture and sell voltage stabilisers to optimise installation operation and to provide energy savings.


Our products are patented smart voltage stabilisation systems that optimise electrical supply conditions, increasing performance and life cycle for the equipment, reducing maintenance operations and minimising energy consumption.

Product engineering

We develop tailored solutions in electronics and electricity, creating and manufacturing the end product in large batches.