Who are we?

GESINNE brings a group of professionals together. On one hand, they focus their work on researching and designing technology, and on the other, they are constantly seeking out solutions to improve energy quality for companies. They do this for two reasons: first, to optimise energy consumption, which reduces costs and therefore provides greater competitivity. Second, improving the quality of electrical supply leads to increased safety and stability for your company’s electrical equipment.

We are specialised in electric and electronic engineering, with experience managing companies that were also energy users.

Quién es quien en Gesinne

Ana Isabel Prieto García

 Accounting and finance.

“Accounts, payments and invoicing are my turf”

José Manuel Piedra Fernández

Industrial engineer in electronics.

“No two cases are the same, but we always find the solution”

Óscar Domínguez Pino

Technical Department

“We’re the Mr Wolf of energy efficiency”

Rafael Collantes Bellido

R+D+I Department

“Being energetically efficient guarantees that you’ll be more competitive”

Jesús Alonso Vallaure

CEO. Executive director

“Our team is a never-ending source of energy”

Victor Barrero Suárez

Electrical engineer.

“Being part of this project is a challenge and a great experience”


Office and manufacturing
R+D+I centre

Gestión e Innovación en Eficiencia Energética SL
C/ Benjamin Franklin n 415. NAVE 4
Polígono Roces
33211 Gijón (Spain)

Assembly line and warehouses

Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid: 1.000 m2 actuales
Gijón. Asturias (Spain): 1.000 m2


We have the following simulation modules:

Increased or decreased voltage


Capacitive load

Inductive load

Members of: